In the month of June, Facebook the search engine giant has taken a big step to separate their Messenger app completely from the social network by allowing the people from Canada, US, Peru and Venezuela to access without a account in Facebook.

Now it’s expanding the functionality globally. It will also not be a global account, meaning that you won’t be able to pick up chats from different devices/platforms, like moving from your computer to your phone or to your tablet. All you need is a phone number, ” Facebook said in a blog post.

Facebook still suggests the users to sign up with their social account as this allows them to continue a conversation across various devices.

This means making Messenger more accessible and perhaps more enticing to people who might opt not to download Messenger because they dislike the standalone app.

By adding debit card information, Messenger users can send money direct from their checking account to the bank accounts of friends and family. It’s still unknown what new features Facebook plans to integrate with these developers, but it will be the first time the company makes the mobile platform not just Facebook-exclusive.