“The besieged Houthis and Saleh’s followers are under the illusion that their leadership will send military reinforcements to their rescue”, he said.

“The [Yemeni] government announced the liberation of Aden province on the first day of Eid al-Fitr which falls on July 17th”, Mr. Bahah stated, referring to the feast that ends the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.

Witnesses said the rebels remained in control of the city’s Al-Tawahi district on Saturday and that heavy fighting was continuing there.

But power struggles have simmered for years in the impoverished and conflict-wracked country, and fighters in Yemen’s south – the setting for most of the recent battles – have long sought independence from the North, the Houthis’ home.

Al Huzeifi did not say how the delegation reached Aden. On Tuesday, the administration launched a counteroffensive using loyalist militiamen and new units trained and equipped in Saudi Arabia. That followed a major offensive to retake the city last week.

Hadi fled Aden, where he had established a temporary base, to Saudi Arabia following the Houthis’ advance in late March.

At dawn on Saturday, coalition aircraft bombed a rebel reinforcement convoy east of Aden, killing 25 fighters, a military official said.

They captured 47 rebel fighters, including officers of the Republican Guard who have remained loyal to Mr Saleh, in an assault on the rebel-held Al Anad air base north of Aden – Yemen’s largest.

Saudi-backed Yemeni forces supported by air strikes grasped the Labuza soldiers bottom in Lahj region east of a given line downtown area as well as having the center of operations of this very 117that gives the best results for your skin problems toughened split in chinese Shabwa territory many 230kilometer (145 distances) away.

“The government will work to normalize life in Aden governorate and the rest of the liberated cities, restore infrastructure, including Aden’s worldwide airport and seaports, and secure the return of the displaced”, a government source said.

Forces loyal to President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi, backed by Saudi-led coalition airstrikes, launched a major offensive to drive the Iran-backed Houthi rebels out of Aden earlier this week.

The United Nations has declared Yemen a level-3 humanitarian emergency, the highest on its scale.