The world is encouraged to partake by using the #WorldEmojiDay hashtag to tweet their “favorite 50 emojis” in order to make the most of this day, which only comes once a year.

Other calendar emojis don’t highlight one date and there is also another variation of the calendar emoji – the “tear-off calendar”.

What’s your favorite emoji?

The celebration began in earnest down under, as Australia’s day begins before the rest of the globe’s.

July 17 is marked as the global Emoji Day.

The reason why July 17 was picked by emoji enthusiasts is because the Apple emoji artwork for calendar displays July 17. Jumping on the bandwagon are popular companies like Pepsi, which launched its emoji keyboard, and Bud Light, which came up with an emoji-centric campaign for Bud Light and Bud Light Lime Ritas.

We know that the most-hashtagged emoji on Instagram is the heart, but what about on Twitter?

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