The sister of a woman found dead in a Texas jail cell says she spoke to her by phone after the arrest, which began with a minor traffic violation. But two days later, on Monday morning, the sheriff’s department said they found her hanging in her jail cell.

However, Sandra Bland had posted a video to her Facebook page in March acknowledging she was suffering from “a little bit of depression as well as PTSD”, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

A routine traffic stop that led to the mysterious jailhouse death of a Texas businesswoman and civil rights advocate has left her family and friends with serious questions this week.

In 2010, Charleston pleaded guilty to accepting bribes, following an FBI investigation into corruption which also ensnared other public officials in the county.

“You just slammed my head into the ground”. But one fact is unambiguous: That black people feel they must preemptively endorse investigations into their own deaths speaks to both law enforcement’s troubled track record on the issue and the deluge of state violence to which black people have been subjected in the United States over the years. “She was then booked into the Waller County Jail”. “I told her I would work on getting her out”. Authorities say she hanged herself in her cell Monday, though her family says it’s unimaginable that she would have killed herself. “Sandy was someone that I knew”, wrote friend Lanitra Dean on Facebook. Do you not even care about that?

A prominent Texas state senator has asked the director of the Texas Department of Public Safety to release any video it has of the arrest of a woman later found dead in a jail cell.

In another, she said “being a black person in America is very, very hard”.

Meanwhile, student leaders were planning a pair events honoring Bland and demanding answers about her death.

Nobles, a white, Baptist conservative who has often participated in tea party protests, said Bland’s death has haunted him since he first heard about it earlier in the week. “I did see a mark somewhere around the neck”, Karisch said.

Waller County Sheriff Glenn Smith, who oversaw the custody of Bland, was previously suspended from the police department of the nearby town of Hempstead for racist remarks in 2007 and eventually fired after continued allegations of racism and improper use of force.

And on July 13, she was found lifeless in her jail cell.

Bland’s sister, Shante Needham, said Bland had called her from jail Saturday afternoon, telling her that she’d been arrested, but didn’t know why.

Wilson said that even if Bland had lost her job as a result of the arrest, he could not imagine her killing herself.

A Prairie View spokeswoman said Friday that Bland was going to start a four-week assignment at Prairie View’s Cooperative Extension Program. In 2012, the Houston Chronicle reported that James Harper Howell IV hung himself after spending about a week in jail following his arrest for assault and marijuana possession.