Customers who are interested in getting their hands on such a product can go to and purchase select PCs that have Windows 10 preinstalled.

What we already know about Windows 10 is that customers now running Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1 will have a year to upgrade to Windows 10 for free when the new platform launches on July 29.

Newegg, meanwhile, is also taking pre-orders for a range of Windows 10 flavors including Home, Pro, OEM, and Full versions, as well as downloadable versions of the operating system.

To help users learn about Windows 10, Dell devices will automatically download a welcome app which highlights and briefly explains a few features. But for those who need to do a fresh install of the OS, this USB might be heaven sent.

The announcements follow Microsoft’s backtracking on an earlier statement that it did not expect PC makers to start shipping Windows 10 devices on July 29 because the final version has not been shipped to them yet. Both listings state that these copies of Windows 10 will ship to consumers on August 16, 2015. Will these USB sticks arrive after the disc-based copies, or is that the availability for all physical media? Now, however, it seems that the date has been pushed further back August 30.

On Monday, July 13, Microsoft said that Windows 10 PCs may not be ready for the launch of its latest operating system, and will therefore miss the release date.

Windows 10 should offer customers a better Windows experience when it’s released, providing tools like Cortana and Microsoft Edge. The HP Pavilion 550 and HP All-In-One desktops will be available in three configurations at launch, but other PCs will become available later.