Iron Fist

When it comes to modern interpretations of heroes, there’s a desire to make the costume (if there is one) be both functional, and believable. This means at times that the looks of the “classic” costumes may get thrown by the wayside. Yes, some are necessary to the character, but there’s a line that needs to be observed. With Iron Fist, the last of the Defenders, the question really becomes whether the costume is needed.

After all, he’s a martial arts master who can wield Chi in a harmful (to his opponents) way. Yes, he does wear a mask to conceal his identity, but with him fighting the underworld…you might wonder if it’s necessary. Apparently, actor Finn Jones (who plays Danny Rand aka Iron Fist) is thinking along these lines too…

“I mean, who says there’s going to be a costume?” said Finn Jones to Extra “I mean, this is a modern … I can’t say any more. Marvel’s gonna kill me. There may be a costume, there may not be.”

Marvel's Iron fist

While it may seem odd that he is being coy, it is a legitimate question. While Daredevil’s look is needed for the character, the iconic red horned suit didn’t come until the end of the first season, and was only used in the big battle with Kingpin. Only in Season 02 was it more of a focus. For Jessica Jones, her Jewel outfit was shown, but never worn, she wore very regular clothes throughout the series. Then, Luke Cage did have a reference to the original costume from the 70’s, but like Jessica, wore very modern clothes.

So, while Iron Fist would balance out the crew, there is a question about whether it’s needed. On one hand, it would look cool, and fit with the motif of the legend of Iron Fist. But, will it be modernized? Will it happen at all? We’ll find out in March.