How about a bottle of champagne to celebrate an engagement, marriage, or any other special occasion?

In celebration of World Emoji Day, Spredfast has a live leaderboard going, tracking the performance of the top 25-most used emoji on Twitter.

It’s the date shown on the iOS calendar emoji.

However, if you view the same emoji on Twitter Web, the date moves behind a couple of days to July 15. And while Unicode had, in the past, launched a more racially-diverse selection of emoji after pressure from users, it isn’t able to incorporate everyone’s suggestions into its official database.

But Emojipedia, the online resource for all things emoji, went with Apple’s interpretation of the calendar when it declared July 17 to be World Emoji Day.

From National Mean Girls’ Day on October 3 to May 1 being the day Justin Timberlake’s face floods the Internet, it’s clear that people love pop culture-induced holidays, and today is no different.

We hope you enjoy the emojis – and the videos. Millions of people and companies showed their support.