Bennett says that as an elected official Rushing needs to hold himself to a higher standard.The City Council has asked for a resolution expressing its dissatisfaction with the mayor.

“Gorilla face Michelle, can’t disagree with that”, the message said. Check out them ears. During a meeting on Monday, Mayor Rushing cited his right to free speech as an American and said he was working to “put this behind him”.

“He will not resign”, Bennett said. He is already in the process of drafting such a resolution in case Rushing refuses to resign.

He’s tried to brush it off as “playful back and forth banter that my friends and I do”.

The document, he said, will contain language “denouncing what was said, saying the Airway Heights City Council does not subscribe to this type of behavior” and has “more ethics and morals than that”.

Washington state mayor Patrick Rushing, who recently compared US First Lady Michelle Obama to gorilla, has decided not to resign his post over the controversy as this would be conceding that he is a racist.

But of course Rushing insists he’s not a racist and will not step down from his role as mayor of the city of 6,500 near Spokane.

Additionally, the resolution would “impose sanctions” on the mayor.