The stump-speech anecdote points to one of Walker’s challenges as he opened his campaign for president by embarking on a whirlwind tour: proving he is a national contender who can win states beyond his Midwestern base.

“We defunded Planned Parenthood, which is particularly important these days in light of what we’ve seen on video”, Walker said during a campaign stop at Joey’s Diner.

But such a call by Walker seems more unlikely than ever. I grant you the need for discretion. “All I pointed out was the policy was perfectly fine when I was there and I thought they should be protected from all the political and media controversy about it”.

As he rumbled through South Carolina this week, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker told his favorite story about shopping for clothes at Kohl’s department store and cobbling together so many discounts that “they’re paying me to buy the shirt”.

Walker made his name on the national stage by taking on the state’s unions in 2011, where he and the legislature’s Republicans took away collective bargaining rights for public employees, a move which prompted a recall election. Walker’s recall election, along with those faced by other prominent Republicans, attracted the attention of wealthy Republicans nationwide.

The Koch brothers and their front groups, particularly the Wisconsin Club for Growth, along with the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce group (WMC) have been setting up this ruling for nearly a decade. Lawyers for those involved have argued that their clients did nothing illegal. A previous John Doe investigation resulted in the conviction of six Walker staffers and campaign workers.

Greece’s troubled left-wing government is seeking urgent relief from European lenders on Thursday, a day after it pushed a harsh austerity package thought parliament, triggering a revolt in the ruling party and… All five counties were assigned the same special prosecutor, Francis Schmitz. Kluka reused herself from the proceeding and by the end of the month withdrew from the John Doe investigation entirely. The special prosecutor’s theories, rather than “assur[ing] [the] unfettered interchange of ideas for the bringing about of political and social changes desired by the people”… instead would assure that such political speech will be investigated with paramilitary-style home invasions conducted in the pre-dawn hours and then prosecuted and punished.

The court ruled on three pieces of litigation related to the investigation.

So, not only does this decision pull Walker’s cojones out of the fire, it also demolishes whatever was left of Wisconsin’s campaign-finance regulations.

The justices cited free speech in effectively tossing out the case, ruling state election law is overbroad and vague in defining what amounts to “political purposes”. Coordination is only a crime when it involves stronger “express advocacy” ads, the justices wrote. He also said enforcing the law didn’t violate constitutional protections for free speech. There are some (candidates) who have been here many weeks.

The Supreme Court, though, plans to maintain it even after halting the probe, ordering the return or permanent destruction of all the evidence prosecutors gathered. All Clinton did as secretary of state, Walker said, was accumulate frequent flyer miles.

“In the end, as the court said today, we’ve done the right thing and it’s just another example of where we’re used to having just about everything you can imagine thrown at us”, Walker said this morning during an interview with Radio Iowa.

Walker last visited New Hampshire in May.

“The majority opinion adopts an unprecedented and faulty interpretation of Wisconsin’s campaign finance law and of the First Amendment”, she said.

“The majority opinion delivers a significant blow to Wisconsin’s campaign finance law and to its paramount objectives of “stimulating vigorous campaigns on a fair and equal basis” and providing for ‘a better informed electorate, ‘” Abrahamson wrote.

To briefly recap the controversy, Wisconsin election laws prohibit officials from coordinating campaign activities with outside political groups. Unlimited money, much or most of it secret and from outside of Wisconsin, could now flow into Wisconsin and be coordinated by candidates with outside groups to influence the outcome of our elections.