Esmerelda Rossi, that are caused by the Phoenix commune of Chandler, says the woman seemed “helpless and violated” within the era, that’s done by her young female child and placed on the net. I felt violated. And honestly, I felt molested.

Rossi told ABC 15 she was in the shower when her daughter told her the officers were at the door.

Rossi’s daughter came into the bathroom and told two cops were in the house, leading to the mother confronting the cops.

Rossi grabbed a towel to confront the officers, but was restrained and handcuffed.

Rose continues to hold Rossi hostage, lecturing her that police officers have ultimate authority to do whatever they want.

Rose eventually unarrested Rossi and made her daughter take off the handcuffs.

“So I closed the door”, Rossi told KNXV.

“I start to walk into my living room, I probably get maybe five steps in, and all of the sudden I just hear boots running in after me, telling me, ‘stop or I’ll arrest you, ‘” she told the station.

That’s when Rossi and her daughter began recording the incident on their cellphones.

A video obtained from Selvidge’s body camera shows Rose violently handcuffing Rossi in her kitchen, forcing her to drop the only piece of cloth covering her.

Esmeralda Rossi’s daughter captured the horrifying moment a cop “illegally” entered her Chandler, Arizona, home and arrested her while she was naked.

After an investigation was launched regarding Rose’s disturbing behavior, he retired and was able to collect a pension from the department.

Rossi reportedly plans to file her civil suit within the next week. “I didn’t want to touch him”, she sobs, and her daughter can be heard breaking down as things become chaotic.

The camera was worn by Officer David Selvidge, who was cleared by Chandler Police of any wrongdoing.

Two policemen had attended the property after receiving a call about an argument between Ms Rossi and her husband.

After the incident, the other officer involved immediately contacted his supervisor to raise questions about Rose’s actions.

“This was disgusting. This was barbaric.”

She was never charged with a crime.

“Any one of us would be upset if a police officer barged into our homes without permission”, he said.

The investigation also determined that Officer Rose didn’t document arresting or un-arresting the woman or the fact that she was naked. He made a number of additional illegal moves, including not using his body camera and falsifying reports.