The drug kingpin questionably wiggled out of Altiplano Prison, Mexico’s air-tight prison facility through a bored hole in his shower cell leading to a ventilated shaft underground.

Mexico had previously said it expected a request but had indicated in January that Guzman would not be handed over because he would serve time in his home country.

“I heard someone saying that we had not accepted the help”, he said. “We were afraid of this”.

BODY DOUBLE? Filmmaker Charlie Minn made a documentary after Guzman was arrested on February 22, 2014, asking if perhaps the man who was arrested was a body double. “From the beginning, at the level of attorney general to attorney general, and with various organs of the USA government and the Mexican government, we have been working in a coordinated and joint manner”.

Guzman is said to be the architect of the elaborate system of tunnels that allow for the import of narcotics into the United States.

Mexico’s hesitations over the American offer reflect years of strain between the countries as their ambitious joint effort against the cartels has waned, including a drop in extraditions to the United States and divided priorities in Mexico.

She was shown about five minutes of additional video footage after Guzman disappeared in his cell – more than has been released publicly – and all that was visible was an empty cell.

“There was never any specific information about any breakout plan”, Riley said.

The government, which dismissed top prison officials earlier this week, has not named the seven officials charged.

Mexican authorities have denied they received any warning about possible escape plots. Did El Chapo use it, then kill it and leave it in the trash? But Guzman, in fact, was party to some of the most violent turf wars in Mexico, introducing rampant insecurity in places such as Tijuana, Nuevo Laredo and Ciudad Juarez.

It is the second time Guzman, known as El Chapo or “Shorty”, has escaped jail.

Before taking over as DEA’s operations chief in Washington last year, Riley spent four years in Chicago tracking Guzman and continuing to build a growing criminal case against the drug lord. Guzman was finally found with his family inside a seaside condominium in the resort town of Mazatlan. Not a shot was sacked.

The National Security Commission did not immediately respond to questions about the time. “I want to tell you that is false”.