Meretz leader Zehava Gal-On said she was sure Herzog would enter the government in the near future, using Iran as an excuse. He added: “Nobody is content”.

Trump, who has been under fire for insulting comments he made about Mexicans while launching his bid for president, said Iranians were “great negotiators” and its leaders were “laughing at the stupidity of the deal” with the U.S.

His harsh criticism of the agreement came after he warned for months that the deal being negotiated would not prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons that could be used to target Israel.

Britain’s Foreign Secretary, who was involved in the Vienna talks, told Parliament Israel would never be happy with a deal with Iran.

“””(We are) this little, tiny Jewish democracy that survives in the most hard and problematic neighbourhood on the face of the earth”, said Steinitz.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu released a number of statements to the press, stating “The world is a much more risky place today than it was yesterday”.

In the past, Israel has threatened to carry out a military strike against Iran’s nuclear installations. That’s only happened once earlier in 2013 after a preliminary nuclear deal was reached.

The President followed up his answer by destroying the Republican talking point about negotiating a better deal.

“They’re going to put it in their war machine”, he said. President Obama said the accord ensures that “every pathway to a nuclear weapon” has been cut off.

Under the agreement, global sanctions on Iran could be reimposed within 65 days if Tehran violates any part of the pact, diplomats said. “They are making an wonderful deal”.

But Obama acknowledges that politics often intrude when evaluating these agreements. But he says the debate in Congress should be based on the facts and not speculation or misinformation. The Cabinet unanimously rejected the major powers’ nuclear agreement with Iran and it determined that Israel is not bound by it. This evening I also spoke with US President Barack Obama.

The Republican-led Congress will instead try to derail the deal by passing new sanctions or preventing Mr Obama from lifting existing sanctions – the key incentive for Iran to comply with the deal.

And he says that critics of the plan should consider the alternatives.

Akiva Eldar, a political analyst and columnist for the Al-Monitor website which covers the Middle East, said one strategy Israel may be seeking to pursue involves protection under an “American umbrella”.

Netanyahu on Tuesday slammed the deal, calling it a “bad mistake of historic proportions”.

Obama on Tuesday threatened to veto any resolutions from Congress seeking to undermine the deal, meaning opponents would have to muster a two-thirds majority in Congress to override the veto. That is correct when it comes to designated nuclear facilities.

So in theory, access to the Islamic Republic’s most sensitive sites isn’t guaranteed and may be delayed. I mean, there’s been a lot of that.