Latest survey commissioned by the Kaiser Family Foundation, more than two-thirds of formerly uninsured Californians are now covered by the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. The group reported that 50 percent of the newly insured said that they found health care quite expensive for their pockets.

The survey results didn’t surprise some consumer health advocates. The economy improved and unemployment went down, which may have played a part. “It appears that getting health insurance really helps people to feel more financially secure and health secure”.

The Kaiser Family Foundation survey is the third in a series to examine the status of health coverage in California. According to the survey results, 1.3 million residents of the state of California signed up for health insurance via Cover California.

Only 28 percent of those insured stated that they were not satisfied with how their medical needs are being met by the healthcare plans.

The investigation followed more when compared to one, 000 California mature individuals who don’t keep any insurance plans prior to Obamacare Act in 2014. But in the latest survey, only 49 percent of the newly insured who were surveyed said it’s hard to pay for health care. The firm’s acute care hospitals have seen a “decrease in the aggregate of charity care, uninsured discounts and provision of doubtful accounts as a percentage of gross charges”, executives said in their earnings report for the second-quarter and first half of 2015. The study found that expanding Medicaid was linked to a reduction in the number of uninsured adults, fewer people without doctors, and fewer people reporting difficulty in getting medicine. That is the place docs eliminated shards of glass from her foot and handled her strained again.

The researchers also discovered that the health coverage has been beneficial to people who chose to enroll in the program, especially in terms of their finances.

This stands in stark contrast to 2013, when Latinos in California were half as likely as whites to have health insurance.

“It’s less than ideal, but better than nothing,” said Ernst Friedman, 35. “What’s comforting about it’s to know that there’s a monetary cap and that we cannot be financially decimated if one thing catastrophic occurs”. Of the remaining, 43 % are eligible for protection however had been uninsured for 2 years or extra. At least 12% enrolled through Covered California, shield 14% have employer insurance and 8% had other policies. From February 18 to May 13, 2015, 1,105 adults who had participated in the first survey were contacted. The margin of error is plus or minus 5 percentage points for the survey of recently insured Californians.