And that was before Trump’s comments about Mexican immigrants cost him business partnerships with companies such as Macy’s and Univision.

“One of the things I respect about Donald Trump is he’s willing to stand up and speak the truth, and he’s willing to take on Washington”, the junior senator from Texas said.

On Wednesday, Republican front-runner Donald Trump announced in a press release that he was too rich for the Federal Election Commission forms but he filed them anyway. Despite the incredibly insensitive remarks, Trump has found himself as the top of GOP candidate in the polls.

In typical Trump fashion, the campaign released a statement full of braggadocio to commemorate the occasion.

For Immediate Release: (New York, NY) July 15, 2015 – Today, Donald J.

– 60 percent of Latinos polled say the Democrats are more in line with their views on immigration policy; only 20 percent say that of the GOP.

That was the day Donald Trump, businessman and billionaire, announced his intentions to run for president on the Republican ticket. His biggest victor was Bank of America, which he sold at a profit of $6.7 million. But there was little information available about how Trump calculated the figure.

The amount of cash Trump has on hand will be particularly significant, showing how much more money Trump could afford to potentially put towards his own campaign.

Trump said he earned $362-million in 2014.

But Trump hasn’t apologized for any of his comments.

The FEC is yet to confirm that Trump’s has made the filing.

Among the sources of his income has been $214 million in payments from NBC related to his reality television show, “The Apprentice“.

Trump lost his lawsuit against O’Brien on First Amendment grounds, but the panel of judges who killed the case in 2011 noted Trump’s history of claims, such as asserting that a 72-story building with tall ceilings was actually a 90-story building.

“First people said I would never run, and I did”, Trump said in a statement. “I would have sanctioned them up the wazoo”, he said, boasting that “I would have had them crawling”. I look forward to the challenge of winning the presidency and doing a fantastic job for our country.

Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway said the fact that the two got together – despite other GOP candidates like Jeb Bush turning against Trump – shouldn’t be surprising, since during the 2012 campaign most Republican candidates, and some non-candidates like Sarah Palin, sought meetings with Trump.

Mr Trump – slogan “Make America Great Again” – in a statement that rising property values in New York City, San Francisco, Miami explained the rise in his wealth from the almost $9bn he had estimated when he launched his campaign last month.