Meanwhile, Donald Trump seems to be the frontrunner among the Republican candidates despite ongoing controversy about arguably racist remarks. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), whose politics hew closer to Sanders’ than to Clinton’s and who declined to run herself despite significant grassroots urging, has not yet endorsed a candidateElizabeth Warren of Massachusetts got tongues wagging because people who are excited about Sanders were excited about her first.

Sanders cited the war in Iraq as one of the “worst foreign policy blunders we have ever seen” because it led to an enormous destabilization of that region.

Buried beneath Wednesday’s eye-popping headlines about Hillary Clinton’s sinking favorability ratings, you’ll find the reason that she’s still on course to win the Democratic primary.

The first time he identified himself as a Democrat was on April 30, when he announced his candidacy for president and filed papers with the Federal Elections Commission. Among those under 45, he’s up by 23, and among independents, he leads by 21. Now that’s the Obama coalition. 

Evidence his message is resonating can be found in recent polls showing Sanders’ support surging in Iowa and New Hampshire.

When Iowa Democrats were asked about Trump, however, 85 percent said they held and unfavorable view, including 63 percent who gauged their impression as very unfavorable. Trump’s newcomer status is a big part of his appeal, Messmore said.

As for the death penalty, Sanders has been an opponent his entire political career. 

“The one headline out of this poll really is that this is a competitive race”.


By contrast, 91 percent of Republicans and 82 percent of Democrats surveyed said they were either “unsatisfied” or “mad as hell” about politicians.