Even though the camera mount will be applicable in all Tacoma models, the camera will not be inclusive in the final buying price of the vehicles.

It’s a GoPro video camera position, bespoke simply to the most appropriate of every 2016 Tacoma rearview decorative mirrors, and it’s one shapely little characteristic that in fact services the 4×4, do-anything past experience that many of midsize vehicle dealers want.

In 2024, Toyota Company and its Tacoma had a 60 percent compact pickup truck market share.

The GoPro mount is a way to appeal to the off-road and adventure enthusiast in a low cost way.

The partnership will not only benefit Toyota but also GoPro, which is attempting to develop competitive camera models that can break into a $2 billion camera market, Petapixel reported.

With more people recording their travels, adventures, and general shenanigans, the addition of a factory GoPro mount is a great addition to a fresh new truck. Several companies discontinued production, exemplified by Dodge Dakota and Ford Ranger in 2011, followed by Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon, and Honda Ridgeline in the subsequent years. After their return previous year, the Colorado and Canyon models from GM have gained a lot of wishful drivers’ attention and received numerous positive reviews.

Sweers declined to discuss the financial arrangement between Toyota and GoPro.

Sweers added: “We’re not in the business of selling cameras, and we’re not in the business of dictating to our customers what they have to use”. “It just made sense to try to team up with GoPro because that’s what our customer base is using”.

When it comes to recording action sequences and sports, the GoPro is more or less the de facto choice amongst filmmakers.

Unfortunately for Tacoma buyers, the GoPro camera itself won’t be included with their purchase, so you’ll need to have your own camera if you’d like to make use of the mount.