Tottenham’s probabilities of utilizing Wembley now that they’re pressured into selecting one stadium are considerably lowered because of the many different occasions that the nationwide stadium is used for all through the season.

So that opens the possibility of Chelsea and Spurs sharing Wembley, or another ground, for at least a season. “That will not be allowed in our competition”.

But the team faces competition from Chelsea to use the national football stadium, as the current Premier League champions are looking to use Wembley while Stamford Bridge is subject to its own stadium replacement.

“So if they share with a Rugby League club, we can’t be fettered as to when those clubs can play”.

The freaky scenario has developed because Spurs have been told they cannot stage games at both Wembley and Milton Keynes. While the Premier League will force a club to play all home matches at one stadium, it is plausible for Tottenham to move these matches to another stadium.

“You can’t have 19 homes games with 10 at Milton Keynes and nine at Wembley – completely unfair”, the 55-year-old said. Scudamore and Levy have both suggested that the two clubs could share Wembley during their respective reconstructions. The North Londoners are planning on building an entirely new stadium in the same area as White Hart Lane, which would create the same situation for them.

Right now, Wembley isn’t an option unless Tottenham can work out a deal to play there.

“Premier League fixtures are paired so Liverpool and Everton, Tottenham and Arsenal and Manchester United and Manchester City do not play at home on the same weekend”. Unless I’m missing something obvious, there doesn’t seem to be a clear reason why splitting between home stadiums is disallowed, especially for a single season, with advance notice, and with extenuating circumstances.

“The next step will be more, I don’t think they can be bigger, there is a practical difficulty with the big, you couldn’t have more teams really, involved, because it will be here too long, you can’t really be here for two weeks”.

There do remain other options however for Tottenham including using Twickenham Stadium, the Olympic Stadium and even Upton Park after it is vacated by West Ham and before it is redeveloped.