Following the release of a shocking video showing a Planned Parenthood official casually talking about the sale of aborted foetus parts, a full blown investigation on the scandal quickly began taking shape as calls mounted for the prosecution of those who may have broken the law.

Gov. Deal said in a statement released Thursday that he is “committed to protecting life at all stages, particularly the most vulnerable and defenseless among us”.

Planned Parenthood, which provides abortions and other reproductive health services, says it legally helps women who want to make not-for-profit donations of their fetus’ organs for scientific research.

The video, released in edited form, was produced by an anti-abortion group, the Center for Medical Progress. It said in a statement the video “falsely portrays Planned Parenthood’s participation in tissue donation programs that support lifesaving scientific research”.

The Center for Medical Progress says the video was taken in July 2014 at a California restaurant.

“A lot of people want intact hearts these days”, Planned Parenthood’s senior director of medical services, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, said in the video.

“Fifteen years ago, I authored the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000-the landmark law that combats the exploitation of human beings, mostly women and children-a cruelty that reduces victims to commodities for sale”.

Lawmakers called Wednesday for an investigation into a health care provider that has come under fire by anti-abortion activists for allegedly selling fetal organs for profit. Planned Parenthood is selling aborted baby body parts.

“Any person or abortion clinic involved in such a practice described in the video may have violated specific state or federal laws”, DeWine said in a statement today.

Aside from the Congress, Republican governors from the states of Texas and Louisiana are also going to conduct their own investigation regarding the same matter. Susan G. Komen for the Cure, which gives grants to Planned Parenthood for cancer screenings, had been in line to receive more than $4 million in proceeds from commemorative coin sales.

The Planned Parenthood logo is pictured outside a clinic in Boston, Massachusetts, June 27, 2014. He also said President Barack Obama should denounce the practice.

A heavily edited undercover video has now become the focus of a congressional investigation, Life News reports.

“In some instances, actual costs, such as the cost to transport tissue to leading research centers, are reimbursed, which is standard across the medical field”, it said.

“Planned Parenthood’s criminal conspiracy to make money off of aborted baby parts reaches to the very highest levels of their organization”, he said.

Eric Ferraro, a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood, strongly disputed the allegations, calling them “flat-out untrue”. I mean that’s easy I don’t know what they’re doing with it I guess they want muscle…You know I would throw a number out.

“The fact that we’re funding it is a disgrace that beggars my ability to articulate”, Franks said.