For Doctor Strange, the film adaptation had to do a lot of things. Bring magic to life, show why Dr. Stephen Strange was such a good character, and so on. But also, it had to introduce the larger mystical world of Marvel, which included some of the dark forces that reside in it. Mainly, Dormammu. And appear he did, though not in the way that fans expected.

He appeared as a more dimensional entity rather than a flame-headed demon. Furthermore, he was only seen in face, rather than full-body. Likely they’re saving that for later. Regardless, it was an interesting take on the character, only further made ironic when it was revealed that Benedict Cumberbatch, who played Doctor Strange, not only voiced Dormammu, but also used motion capture to play his face.

However, that wasn’t the only option that Marvel had in mind for Dormammu, as legendary actor Tony Todd was apparently also considered for the role, or at least in voice. The actor revealed that he was brought into Marvel to do a recording session as the voice of Dormammu. However, just before release, he was notified that they were going to with Cumberbatch instead.

While Todd stated that he was disappointed with the lookover, he admitted he took it in stride. Which is not surprising, as Todd has done many roles over his decades long career. In fact, he’s voiced both heroes and villains for DC Comics. Including being the voice of Zoom in Flash Season 02, and Darkseid in the Lego DC Heroes films.

Add that to his live-action stuff, and we can say he’ll be fine with missing one role. As notes, “There’s always another Dormammu.”