[Science You Can Eat: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Food]. The OSU research team has received a grant from the Oregon Department of Agriculture to further expand on Dulse as a “speciality crop” – the first time a seaweed has ever been added to this category.

The specialists say that, seeing how it looks like red lettuce when uncooked and the taste isn’t all that bad either, their dulse strain can be consumed raw.

“The dulse grows using a water recirculation system”, Langdon said. The researchers are now producing about 20 to 30 lbs.

Misleading the public with a humorous claim that they discovered the mythical animal, the team at OSCU’s Hatfield Marine Science Center wound up presenting the marine plant dulse instead. (45 kg) a week.

Dulse has a lot of protein – as much of 16 percent of it is protein by dry weight.

Dulse was developed to feed abalones for commercial harvesting operations, but someone saw the potential to turn it into a food for human consumption, especially with its high nutritional value. “We were able to grow dulse-fed abalone at rates that exceeded those previously reported in the literature”, Langdon said in a statement.

The whole project was initially geared toward feeding expensive abalone, not humans. The story comes via Business Insider, so it must be true, right?

Are you excited about the prospect of this food making it to grocery store shelves near you? “But this stuff is pretty awesome”, explained Langdon. This new strain of seaweed actually tastes like bacon when it’s cooked.

Goodbye kale, hello bacon (flavored seaweed)!

But what the researchers at OSU have done is create a bacon(ish) product that grows quickly and consistently in an aquaculture setup.

It’s a superfood that’s healthier than kale, but that doesn’t stop some people from being grossed out by it. We’re talking seaweed-that slimy, salty substance that some Americans are still majorly grossed out about eating. It was at this moment that Toombs realized OSU had the facilities to develop highly nutritious foods that use dulse as the primary ingredient.