Mama June has yet to address TLC’s controversial decision on her Twitter page, but she has told TMZ that she’d prefer for the network to cut all ties with Duggars.

The Duggar family has issued their own statement about the ending of their reality show. There was an enormous backlash to the revelation that Josh Duggar molested many of his own siblings when he was younger, and also the way in which his family handled the situation and chose not to disclose it for some time.

A statement from the network confirmed that production of the show will not resume despite “19 Kids and Counting’s” enduring popularity.

However a part of their lives involving their eldest son Josh and a decade-old “swept under the carpet” molestation case involving his sisters was nothing the famous mega-family ever intended on sharing with viewers. The network announced on Thursday that they have cancelled 19 Kids and Counting. Were they more concerned with the fact that Josh Duggar is a known child molester or with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s means of handling the situation? He has never been arrested or charged in connection with the molestations. The special will feature Jessa Seewald and Jill Dillard, who came forward last month as two of their brother’s victims.

The show had ended its 10th season when the scandal broke; Hulu quickly pulled it from its offerings.

Years ago, when we were asked to film our first one hour documentary about the logistics of raising 14 children, we felt that it was an opportunity to share with the world that children are a blessing and a gift from God. The network has teamed up with the advocacy groups Darkness to Light and RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) in a campaign that is aimed at raising awareness on child sexual abuse. “We have committed to Him that in all things-difficulties or success, good times or bad-we will objective to bring Him honour by staying true to our faith and our family”, the family wrote on its blog.

“The goal is to take what has been a difficult and painful experience, and focus that attention on the really critical issue of child protection and child sexual abuse”, she said, adding that several filmmakers are under consideration for the planned documentary. Either way, it is easy to see why Mama June would call for TLC to break it off with the Duggar family in every way when we consider how her family was brushed off by TLC without any other offers.