Microsoft confirmed earlier this year that its smart assistant, Cortana, would soon arrive for Android devices. Suffice it to say, I am whelmed. If you’ve used Cortana on Windows or Windows Phone, you’ll already likely have inputted home and work addresses, and once I logged in on Android, those addresses, as well as my search history, were available in the app. This cross-platform potential is what makes Cortana’s Android and iOS berth so interesting. We can’t be totally sure, but Tom Warren at The Verge sure seems to think so, and his Microsoft sources are rarely wrong.

Still, Cortana offers some unique abilities (the Notebook in particular) not available with Google and Apple’s virtual assistants, and her voice detection is some of the best around if you want a change of pace from the native offering on your OS.

Bringing it to Android and iOS may win some fans if the porting is outstanding.

With a few weeks left in July, there’s still room for Microsoft to release a final version of Cortana for Android, but it’s equally possible the app will get delayed until August. You can ask Cortana to fetch weather data, text someone in your contacts, or set reminders. You can grab the.apk file below and sideload it.

And from what we’ve noticed from the beta version that has just been leaked online courtesy to tech blog Techweez, Microsoft did a pretty good job. It’s a little rough around the edges, but it should be more useful and refined as time passes. First introduced for Windows Phone, Cortana will be a key component of Windows 10 when it launches July 29th.

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