The network offered her a new contract as a part-time contributor- she’d still show up as one of several rotating co-hosts who’d appear on a regular basis.

Critics have said that while Wallace is a solid contributor on political topics, she has shown a weaker side while addressing pop culture and celebrities.

In the least shocking recent casting decision, Nicolle Wallace has officially been fired from co-hosting The View. So who will replace her? Perez’s departure was confirmed last week, and in a report from TheWrap on Wednesday, the former White House communications chief won’t be returning either.

Loosely translated: Wallace was not up to speed on the Kardashians and not shrill enough to be The View’s conservative talking head, which is rich, because being a not-shrill conservative is kind of Wallace’s thing. Rosie O’Donnell left back in February citing personal and health reasons.

The new season of The View premieres this September.

The news comes just a week after Rosie Perez announced she was exiting the panel to pursue her acting career with comedienne Michelle Collins taking her place. ABC is looking for two co-hosts to fill the vacant position hoping to boost the ratings.

But it remains to be seen if The View can survive a constant revolving door of co-hosts. “I’ve never met her and would love to meet her and work with her”.

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