While it doesn’t look like the product pages on the Motorola and Best Buy websites have been updated yet, the latter seems to offer the device at a reduced $130 MSRP (down from $150).

The Motorola Hint, which is possibly the best looking Bluetooth headset ever, just got an update. However, there was one major problem with it: the audio connection wasn’t great at all, which kind of defeats the objective of the device. It’s similar enough to last year’s model that most won’t even notice that there’s any difference, but upon closer inspection, this seems to be a worthy upgrade… Motorola is also touting ear gels with this new Moto Hint, which may provide a better fit. It also uses something called “crystal talk noise and wind cancelling technology” and has Bluetooth 3.0. According to the packaging, a longer-lasting battery provides users with up to 70% more talk time. Making its return from the previous iteration is its super portable charger case that can carry an extra two full charges worth of power.

Alongside a price tag difference, the Best Buy employee who spotted the new SKU noted that the new version boasts 17 hour battery life as opposed to the 10 hours on the original. For now, Best Buy is the exclusive third-party retailer of Pebble Time, with Target expected to carry the device in mid-August.