In a viral-worthy video, the bride’s sisters belted out a stellar wedding speech with the help of some classic hits as backup tracks. Tap to watch on News app. The sisters took the stage during the reception in Lake Tahoe, Calif., after a round of traditional “sappy” toasts. “We’ve been living in your shadow, but it’s time for us to step into the spotlight”, Maddie jokes. The best part is that the sisters changed the lyrics to each song to highlight some special moments between the happy couple. That doesn’t seem to matter, though, because what the sisters might lack in pitch they make up for in enthusiasm.

Because Maddie lives in San Francisco and Kelsey lives in L.A., they didn’t have much time to prepare for their performance together.

“When you were a little kid, you didn’t want boys around”.

Then we got a taste of the proposal with Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” before getting their gospel on, which really got the crowd going! Throughout the medley, the couple can’t stop laughing.

The two women warned the newlyweds, Caitlin and John Weaver, that they weren’t great singers. But these two California sisters have schooled all the bridesmaids who came before them with an epic musical wedding toast. Images used with permission of Chair7 Films.