I find it criminal that the Kingdom isn’t their tag team champions anymore. It’s not time for them to lose them.

John Cena, he’s looking for revenge for his loss against Brock at last year’s Summer Slam. I’ll have a complete Battleground review right here at The Philly Voice on Monday morning followed by the fallout in my Raw roundup on Tuesday morning. This should be a good match but I do not see this as being more than simply filler for Reigns as he prepares for another tilt at the WWE title in the not too distant future.

Ryback knows how to connect with the crowd, they loves his catchphrase feed me more.

Randy Orton and Sheamus will lock horns after a feud over the past two weeks.

Seth Rollins: Well he’s the strongest human being I’ve ever been in the ring with, for one.

It’s one each at pay-per-views between these two veterans of the industry.

The Leader of the Roman Empire was able to gain some vengeance on Bray Wyatt heading into their meeting at Battleground on Sunday, but he also ended up on the floor, keeping him from going any higher in our standings. Roman was clearly going to win the briefcase, which would have meant that he would most assuredly become WWE Champ at some point in the next year.

It would me a huge change in the landscape of the WWE. Those two will both be in that show in one way or another, but it will not be at the same time.

While there are always going to be credibility questions that arise when somebody on Reddit posts something, “falconarrow” has actually got a good track record for spoilers in the recent past, correcting predicting; Samoa Joe’s WWE debut, Mark Henry replacing Rusev in the Elimination Chamber match for the IC Title, Ryback winning the IC Title, the NXT Divas invasion and a few other things. I can’t see Cena staying the US Title holder for much longer. He should be out there competing for the bigger title.

Rollins has got the better of The Beast with a little help from his friends, but forewarned is forearmed.

Regardless, I’ll be watching Battleground very closely to start the build of one of the biggest matches of all time. Do you see?! Any of these things could happen and I wouldn’t be surprised at all. I’m hoping Battleground delivers for us.

This one should be fun and rather intense.

Former UFC and WWE Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar. If you believe in Seth Rollins, let him retain on Sunday.

FTW: Physically, Brock Lesnar is in a class of his own. The following week Seth came out and bought J & J security a new vehicle and gave Kane a vacation.

Either scenario would make sense, considering Paul Heyman has made several references to the Undertaker as of late during Lesnar’s feud with Seth Rollins that has involved the dead man’s brother Kane. Now Seth is all alone again, which really tips the scales in the favor of Brock, but usually when that happens to a wrestler we see a result we were not expecting. With that bullseye comes a level of competition, but I think it’s healthy.

On paper, Battleground presents a card fit for SummerSlam. Of course, that’s where I think some shenanigans take place and ultimately allow Rollins to retain the championship.