If you never heard about Terraria before, it’s a 2D game with many different elements mixed in it like building, survival, and RPG aspects all represented equally.


The game is officially “finished” and the developers are working on another title, but there’s a small team that’s in charge of bringing new content to Terraria every now and then. Well, the big new update is bringing some sandstorms to spice up the desert biome a bit. Alongside this weather event, we are also getting new enemies, loot, cool new music and a lot of sand.


The update doesn’t bring as much as previous major updates, but it still adds some new things to play around with, for example, a really cool new mount that you really should farm, because it’s badass. I won’t tell you what the mount is, but trust me when I say that you need to acquire it. You can go to the official site and see everything that was added, as the site has spoiler warnings, so I will respect that and won’t spoil anything!

If you’re a Terraria player, be sure to hop right back into the game and check out all of the new toys that we’re given!

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