“Thanks to the generous support of a diverse set of donors from across the country, we exceeded our goal for the quarter and are in strong position as the campaign gets under way”, said Phil Cox, executive director of the super PAC, America Leads. Christie in June attached the pack of aspirants searching for the Republican nomination for the November 2016 vote.

“People are responding to Governor Christie’s strength, substance and willingness to tell it like it is”, Cox said in a statement Tuesday.

The group, America Leads, can accept unlimited donations. It had $10.7 million of that $11 million on hand at the end of June.

Christie has been focusing his efforts in New Hampshire and returns there Thursday and Friday to hold town hall-style events. Individuals contributing directly to a campaign are limited to giving up to $2,700 each for the primary and general elections, a maximum total of $5,400.

Christie’s campaign has yet to announce how much it’s raised.

The disclosure from the pro-Christie group comes the week after several other super PACs backing GOP presidential candidates announced their fundraising totals. And four super PACs backing Cruz have reportedly raised a combined $38 million.

Having entered the presidential race just two weeks ago, Christie lags former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who formally declared in mid-June but has been running a campaign-in-waiting since December 2014. His campaign has raised about $11 million.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s campaign has said he’s raised more than $12 million for his White House bid, in addition to another $32 million from outside groups.