Have you ever wanted to ask a genius a question but don’t want to embarrass yourself (or perhaps you just don’t know anyone that smart)?

The session is due to run on continuously (sort of, anyway) until Tuesday, August 4, so you’ve got plenty of time to squeeze in a few questions, upvotes, and loosely related cat gifs.

If you have a passion for theoretical physics or just science in general, Stephen Hawking will be available next week to take your questions during his first-ever AMA.

The AMA has been extended for several reasons, but it’s mainly because Hawking’s assistive computer system takes a long to communicate compared to simply typing.

This AMA is part of Wired and Nokia’s #MakeTechHuman initiative, which seeks to enable discussion about how technology can best serve humanity – Hawking is expected to use the platform to talk about his concerns with artificial intelligence, which he says is “potentially our greatest mistake in history”. Hawking’s Reddit AMA is going to be different than most, which are usually about an hour-long direct Q&A. The AMA thread is supposed to open Monday July 27th at 8AM ET, so get your questions ready.

As you likely know, Hawking suffers from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), typically referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease.