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The rabbi is unaware of the then-celebrated 1983 case of Bob Jones University, decided when the rabbi was a toddler.

The Court’s decision reinforces our nation’s downward social/moral spiral. That would be an effective death sentence for the congregation. Some marriage considerations, however, have particular nuances in the lives of lesbians and gay men. Some state legislators are calling for constitution conventions to rewrite their state constitutions to align with USA law. “The solution that I’ve suggested to the governor is that, since we pay our bills, shop, do everything else online, why couldn’t we have a marriage license issued online?”

The Utah State Legislature budgeted $500,000 to defend the state’s ban on same-sex marriage through the courts, KSTU reports. Vaunting themselves above the Supreme Being who invented marriage they presumptuously redefined the God-established marriage that Jesus reaffirmed in Matthew 19:4, 5. Solicitor General Verrilli replied that “it’s certainly going to be an issue”. The five-justice majority obviously does not believe in having a federal form of government, where states are free to control most areas of civil law. For couples who evidenced an intent to live as a married couple, the duration of the marriage may be deemed to be longer than the actual marriage for determining the property settlement and alimony. Government can not compel clergy and religious institution to participate in any marriage, nor may they prevent them from participating in marriages according to their faith.

Here again history teaches a devastating lesson.

Hopefully, the Supreme Court considered the full consequences of their decision. In May 1974, the Supreme Court unanimously held that Bob Jones was challenging the IRS prematurely if it sued before actually paying the tax; it had to pay first and sue later.

“There is essentially no direction and confusion on recognition of same-sex marriages in Kansas, and that is a problem”, ACLU legal director Doug Bonney said Wednesday.

In 2008, Mayor Ralph Becker created the registry for same-sex couples, non-married heterosexual couples and others to “recognize relationships of mutual commitment, support, and caring”.

One argument states that the authors of our Constitution and its 14th Amendment – which guarantees both due process and the equal protection of laws – never considered that these could apply to same-sex couples wishing to marry. “The district courts shall have original jurisdiction of actions to enjoin violations of this section”. In perhaps the most awesomely named Supreme Court case of all time, Newman v. Piggie Park Enterprises, the court affirmed the principle that a barbecue chain could not refuse to serve African-American customers because the owner sincerely believed that the Bible mandated segregation of the races.