This isn’t the first time this year that PC players have missed out on splitscreen functionality in a major release.

Star Wars: Battlefront won’t support split-screen cooperative gameplay on PC, Electronic Arts confirmed on the the game’s community blog. When that’s done, a Y-Wing gets added to reinforcements to bring down the shields of the AT-AT for Rebels to shoot it.

Mathew Everett, the Community Manager at EA for Titanfall and Star Wars Battlefront stepped up to answer those questions. Vehicles themselves will not be found on the map as in the Battlefield games, but collected as a power-up which will then spawn you inside the vehicle cockpit. Here you can try different products, take photos on Star Wars speeders, try out some virtual reality, or go to an intimate panel with only 200 people for a small price which all goes to a great cause, Operation Smile. “They are a support vehicle that you can call into battle within certain game modes”, apparently. Answering questions isn’t all Everett set out to do, he also revealed that in the coming months EA would be show off other game modes, including supremacy, Fighter Squadron, Blast, Drop Zone, Cargo, and more. As for the split-screen on PC… These missions, which are separate from the game’s traditional multiplayer mode, can be played offline, through couch co-op, or online with a friend. One thing that is interesting is the new vehicle power-up item that will allow players to hop into a vehicle after acquiring the power-up. I am genuinely curious to see how that plays out when the game launches.