Spam fell to less than 50 per cent of all email traffic last month, the lowest recorded figure in a decade.

The security firm Symantec just released its monthly report for June, and it’s got some good news for spam fighters.

Despite what your email inbox might be telling you, overall spam rates have dropped below 50 percent for the first time in 12 years. More and more work has been done to combat spam in recent years, and it seems like noticeable progress is actually being made, at least according to Symantec’s latest Intelligence Report.

The level of spam rate has been steadily falling since 2010 as network provider have upped their ante against spasm and are taking fast action to filter or block them. While this number hasn’t been this low since 2003, among the 25 billion messages Symantec monitored up until July 14, 46.4 percent were found to be spam. ( MSFT ) have gone after the spammers aggressively. Companies like Microsoft have worked with law enforcement and helped shut down the biggest botnets. Of those emails, 353 billion were spam email. At one of the peaks of the spam epidemic in June 2009, 5.7 trillion of the 6.3 trillion messages sent were spam.

This is a big deal, and not just because spam is annoying (which it most definitely is), but also due to the security threat unwanted emails pose.

According to Symantec, these statistics give credibility to the idea that malware-based attackers are slowly starting to leave behind their traditional e-mail based activities and redirecting towards more productive areas. This could mean that attackers are using some other means. The report saw 57.6 million new variants of malware in June, an increase of over 10 million from May.