On Thursday afternoon, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley signed a bill that ordered the removal of the flag from the Statehouse, after a racially fueled attack on a historic black church in Charleston that left nine black parishioners dead.

The flag came down 23 days after the massacre at Charleston’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.

US President Barack Obama has described the removal of the Confederate flag from outside the State House in Columbia, South Carolina as “meaningful step towards a better future”.

It was an emotional morning in Columbia, South Carolina for people on both sides of the Confederate flag debate. They handed it a third trooper.

The flag has been flown on the statehouse grounds for the past 54 years. Lampley says she is a historical re-enactor who fears that removing symbols such as the flag dishonors her relatives who fought for the Southern cause.

The problem stemmed from an arrest of Dylann Roof in South Carolina weeks before the shooting in which police say he admitted to possessing illegal drugs.

Governor Nikki Haley, who supported the measure, used nine pens to sign the bill. “It definitely makes everyone more comfortable coming to the US”, said Thomas Morales.

The ceremony was considered by many to be the final word on South Carolina’s long, lingering flag controversy, but I never believed that was the end of it.

Its final lowering in South Carolina was witnessed by families of those killed in the Charleston church massacre and was welcomed by lawmakers and rights campaigners.

There were also supporters who wanted the Confederate flag to stay on the grounds of the state capitol.

That flag represented a handful of southern USA states that seceded from the nation in the 1860s in a failed push to keep slavery legal.

Meanwhile, as South Carolina prepared to lower the flag, debate reached fever pitch in Washington, where Republicans had introduced a controversial amendment, due for a vote Thursday, to preserve the right to place the flag on graves on federal property.

Organizers had previously asked festival-goers not to bring the flag, and said they would request that people take it down if they see it, Global News reported in June.

The flag was lowered during a ceremony organized by the city amid cheers from a large crowd.

The Confederate battle flag has been around since the American Civil War.

“But the statehouse, that’s an area that belongs to everyone”.

Officials at a Georgia park featuring a giant bas relief of Confederate leaders said a Confederate battle flag that had been taken from its pole was quickly replaced Friday.