The Health Ministry, which broke the news, did not provide further details about the clashes.

Six people have been reported dead after violent clashes between Egyptian police and anti-government protesters in the streets of the Haram area of Cairo, Al Arabiya said Friday, citing local authorities.

Two radical disagreements between safety and security influences and protestors has said the everyday life of 7 certain people and disabled about three.

The Egyptian military collapsed President Mohamed Mursi of this very Muslim Brotherhood in 2013… His death came a day before the second anniversary of mass protests against the rule of former Islamist President Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Hundreds, including Morsi, have been sentenced to death.

Egypt also faces threats from multiple insurgent factions, including the Islamic State affiliate in the Sinai Peninsula, which the military says killed at least 17 soldiers in a July 1 assault there.

Most have appealed the verdicts and won retrials. The group is classified as a terrorist organization and banned in many countries, including Egypt.

Islamist lawyers close to the Brotherhood and Western diplomats say young members frustrated by imprisoned old guard leaders and what they call widespread repression are resorting to small-scale violence like homemade bombs.

MENA said the man killed in Nahia was a known Brotherhood supporter and demonstrator who had previously been detained by police.

Clashes were also reported in the village of Nahya, near Cairo.