Well, this is slightly alarming.

A SIRI QUIRK has been uncovered in which the virtual assistant calls the emergency services if you ask it to charge your phone.

Siri will call the number 112, the European standard for emergency services, and will allow five seconds to cancel the call.

One could use this trick to to discreetly phone the police in an emergency situation, like a home invasion or store robbery.

One Tweet reads: “Say “charge my phone to 100 percent” to Siri”.

However, it’s already causing problems as pranksters try to tempt people into saying the phrase – with Twitter full of messages attempting to get users in trouble.

Asking Siri to charge your iPhone 80%, for example, just searches the web, but there’s something about “100%” that makes Apple want to call the police.

Siri is no stranger to quirky bugs and throwing intentional shade, but while her sass is often cute and amusing, this latest issue could be unsafe and could instigate a flurry of prank or unintentional calls to authorities. Calling the cops without good reason is a dumb idea.

This is not the first time that a Siri command has elicited a surprising response.