US Military Common Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Employees, and his spouse Deanie, carried out what was billed as a hearth chat on the Army Youngster Schooling Coalition 17th Nationwide Coaching Seminar in Washington, DC.

General Martin Dempsey took a break from talking about the Iran nuclear deal to make the case that he’s still “hip and relatable” with the cool kids.

Secretary of State John Kerry insisted that Obama was not misrepresenting the situation.

Dempsey also acknowledged that he advised the president not to agree to the lifting of sanctions pertaining to Iran’s ballistic missile program and other arms.

Speaking at West Point’s graduation in late May, the military leader said, “I’ll provide you a phrase that will help you remember that in the future, and that phrase is “Don’t believe me, just watch” before repeating the line in song”. General Dempsey, however, asserts that the United States has “a range of options” if it does not accept the Iran deal (video below). Luckily for Dempsey and the Internet, the cameras were rolling to catch this moment.

Meanwhile, the President’s willingness to oppose Congress even if he couldn’t override his veto unnerved at least one member.

Congress, which has begun a 60-day review of the deal, is expected to vote in September. “I get knocked down, and I get up again”.

“He’s with the deal – he’s not with Congress”, Sherman added.