(AllHipHop News) The removal of the Confederate battle flag from the capital grounds in South Carolina has sparked discussions around the country about other monuments dedicated to the Confederacy. “However, the carving of Davis, Lee, and Jackson on the side of Stone Mountain only represents a small, regrettable time in the history of the Peach State”, the petition reads. A MoveOn.org petition has circulated in recent days to add a carving of Atlanta rap duo Outkast next to the Confederate figures.

A Brooklyn-based artist and animator has devised a way to hush that fuss over the Confederate icons striding across Georgia’s Stone Mountain.

However, unlike the flag, Williams says he does not want to remove the Confederate soldiers from the monument. “I believe that Daddy Fat Sacks and Three Stacks should be carved riding in a Cadillac (as is their wont)”, he continues.

In a campaign drive that would be harder to complete than spelling Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, a petition is gaining momentum to carve the likeness of Outkast members Big Boi and Andre 3000 into the side of Stone Mountain. Dr. Martin Luther King even mentioned Stone Mountain in his iconic 1963 “I Have A Dream” speech. The mountain’s carving is bigger than a football field and holds the record as the largest relief sculpture in the world. But John Bankhead, president of the Stone Mountain Memorial Association, contends that the park does not rely on tax dollars, and the state government would have to approve the removal of the Confederate symbols. “It’s high time we added a bit more of our history and culture to this monument”, he wrote. Thus far it’s gathered more than 1,700 signatures, and Williams hopes for at least 2,000 before he delivers it to the Georgia State House, Senate and Governor. “It’s about time the Empire State of the South paid proper tribute to them, while also improving a great monument and tourist attraction”.