A new scam, dubbed the iScam, is attacking iPhones and iPads and holding them hostage for $80. The pop-up will tell you that your gadget has been locked because a third-party has accessed information on your Apple gear and gives you two toll-free numbers to call. Users of the Apple support forum said that on dialling the numbers, they were told that a third party app was stealing their data, and demanded credit card details in order to fix it.

The Daily Mail reported that the issue sees a “crash report” message pop up while using Safari.

According to those affected, a person then answers the call and asks for a payment to remove the block on a phone and “restart” iOS.

However, the whole conversation is a con and the user is in fact giving their bank details to scammers.

Apple users have discussed the issue – which can apparently be averted by disabling pop-up adverts on a device – on an official support forum which has had more than 110,000 views. Some users believe the issue might be caused by adverts infected with malicious code. Did you figure your way out of it or were you stuck shoveling over the $80?

It even includes a United Kingdom number to call. It went straight on hold when I called – didn’t ring – and then when someone came on the line, it was a woman who I could barely hear due to the noise in the background.

When victims dial the number listed on the fake crash report for an “immediate fix”, they are told that a third party has been removing all their details from their handset – and this can only be stopped by paying a ransom of up to £30.

“Please call Apple Technical support”.

“She then said for $80 though she could reinstall iOS and just needed my credit card number -yeah, okay”.

Apple has advised that some users may want to turn off certain features in Safari, such as blocking cookies or allowing JavaScript functions, both of which have been linked to cybercrime activities in the past. This will cut all connections with Wi-Fi and cellular services.