In a 911 call, she told emergency operators how the plane went down.

Search teams have recovered two bodies from the smouldering wreckage of a light aircraft which crashed into a Washington mountainside last weekend.

Washington State Dept. of Transportation Pilot Leland Bowman, 62, and his wife Sharon Bowman, 63, Veatch’s step-grandparents, were found dead days after the crash. q13fox The 16-year-old is released from hospital just a day after her miracle stumble to safety. LaBoe said there was no evidence the two missing planes were involved in a midair collision. Their identities have not yet been confirmed.

Veatch stayed with the wreckage for a day before heading downhill to find water and locate people – a trick she learned from watching survivor shows when she was younger.

At first, she fell off a cliff.

Before she fled she says she told the Bowmans that ‘I loved them and that it would be OK, ‘ reports NBC.

“This really gave me a newfound respect for life”, she said. “Having a second chance is the best thing that could have ever happened”.

“We just seemed like they appeared to be continue to with the use of us”, Clark said of her friend’s amount of time in the woods. And I figure, like, I count on other people … they know what they are doing, they knew what they were doing.

She tried to rescue her grandparents from the plane, but wasn’t able to. “Maybe now she’ll understand what I see”.

“I was kind of crouched down and I had my head behind the headrest and I was looking forward and everything was white, all the windows, everything was white”.

“I was certain I was going to die of hypothermia that night, but I didn’t”, Veatch remembered.

She had to make her way down a steep slope and follow a creek to a river.

“She got to the road exactly when she needed to get to the road”, Wallace said.

Her friends said her strong will saved her life, as she braved dehydration and even muscle breakdown to get to help. “There was no way to get out of it. We couldn’t see anything at all”, Veatch said.

He recounted the teen’s story of survival.

Goss said Tuesday he had spoken to Autumn several times since her ordeal.

“I have a lot of burns on my hands and I’m covered in bruises and scratches and stuff”, said Autumn.

Veatch’s father said his daughter told him the plane crashed and caught fire after flying into a bank of clouds. She saw no signs of civilization.

“Water always leads to civilization”, she said.

Crews are still out searching for the crash site on Tuesday. Scared the plane might explode, she described following drainage to a river and spending the night on a sand bar, the Monitor previously reported. It was a joke she had written during the flight, during some turbulence.