Alabama Crimson Tide Head Coach Nick Saban made more excuses Wednesday, so let’s play his game.

Saban also felt Alabama’s chemistry was affected by something between the SEC championship and the Sugar Bowl. The deadline for underclassmen to declare for the National Football League draft is in the middle of January. Perhaps the Tide fans are still numb from that loss to Ohio State.

“I don’t think there’s any question about the fact that it’s more hard to play defense”. Yeldon and safety Landon Collins. “He stays out of trouble, a very humble guy and a hard-working guy”, defensive back A.J.

That’s how he prefers it. If you never know where he’s coming from, you’ll never guess where he’s going next. Coach Bret Bielema said the Razorbacks have a social media screening in the recruiting process, and that he’s eliminated recruits from consideration based on their selection of Twitter handles and photos. “That’s something to avoid this year”.

And not only was Burress a first-round draft pick – unlike what Saban told him – the wide receiver was taken eighth overall by the Pittsburgh Steelers and went on to star in a Super Bowl for the New York Giants. He’s a guy that I call at any time he immediately picks up and helps and you know I’ve just been really fortunate. “Whoever ends up being the person chosen to be the quarterback, I’ll be completely comfortable with that decision”. “But a lot of guys got sidetracked by that”. Ryan Kelly, their center, said basically flat out, ‘We played not to lose.

Football is just a bigger deal at Alabama and it’s a problem. Those things show up. It’s against the law, and we respect the law, and we will continue to do things that respect the law and our organization.

Bama, of course, is planning to get back to the playoff.

“The bar hasn’t changed, it’s still up there”, Kelly said.

Because Alabama is in the national championship hunt every season, their fans have sky-high expectations…even the ones that Nick Saban runs into while vacationing at the lake.

“The way we finished past year was definitely a disappointment”, senior offensive tackle Jordan Swindle said.

“We’ve been on special teams before. That’s our team goal, and I’m excited about this season”.

At the moment, this is a team without a starting quarterback – and an identity. “They thanked me, and she puts her hand on my shoulder, and says, maybe we’ll win this year”. When asked about it again later, he said that he’s had to adapt his method to combat fast paced attacks.

“I don’t think anyone’s come to the forefront yet”, Saban said. So I think satellite camps is a loophole in the rule to do that so I think the NCAA should do something about that.