(REUTERS/ITAR-TASS) Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, listens to Russian navy deputy commander Mikhail Zakharenko while visiting military exercises in the Russia’s Arctic North on board nuclear missile cruiser Pyotr Veliky (Peter the Great), August 17, 2005.

With his latest comments, Putin appears to reverse this trend, with the Russian community slowly showing cause for optimism.

“There was a compromise reached between Iran and Western colleagues which we supported… five years, but during the five years arms deliveries to Iran would be possible if they clear a notification and verification process in the United Nations Security Council”, Lavrov said. Avoiding United States military action against Iran is a big deal for Moscow, where many have long viewed the prospect as deeply destabilizing in a region bordering Russian Federation.

Russian president Vladimir Putin has stated that use of Bitcoin “as some kind of unit in some account” is “possible” in a surprisingly supportive gesture towards the currency.

“The leaders also exchanged opinions on topical worldwide issues, including Ukraine and outcomes of the Vienna negotiations on the Iranian nuclear program”, the Kremlin said.

Meanwhile, Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has warned President Hassan Rouhani that “some” world powers are not to be trusted in implementing the nuclear deal, urging vigilance for any breaches. Republicans in Congress have already accused the Obama administration of caving to last-minute pressure from Iran on that point.

That will encourage Moscow, but analysts say much still has to be done for it to come out on top from the deal, either economically or politically.

“But if Iran produces with a surge, it should weigh heavily of oil prices”, he told CNBC.

NEW YORK – Harper Lee’s second novel has flown out of stores in one of the most eagerly anticipated book releases in modern publishing history and half a century after her masterpiece To Kill a Mockingbird hit the shelves. And as Russia’s options are narrowing, US options are multiplying in both the Middle East and Europe. “They are not really linked to anything and backed by nothing”, said Putin.