That’s about the most James Bond thing that I do. “It’s a frightful way to get in, I guess, but I’m very happy I’m in the field”. “It was sore for a couple of days, but I’m good now”.

Gullane is hosting the Scottish Open for the first time. But I don’t think he did anything wrong.

Golfers preparing for the Scottish Open at Gullane were quick to come to his defence earlier on Wednesday.

But it has ruled him out of next week’s big tournament and he has to concentrate on his rehabilitation.

“I can understand what he’ll be going through”.

“I said then, and I feel the same way now, you can’t live your life in fear”.

“You’ve got a golf course here that everybody plays against”.

McIlroy ruptured a ligament in his left ankle while playing soccer… The claret jug was positioned beneath the screen. McIlroy has won four majors during his young career. No one would love to stop Jordan in his tracks next week more than Rory. That’s a problem.

Citing research conducted at the Penn State Medical Center on the lingering symptoms of ATFL ligament injury – tendinitis, stiffness, swelling and pain to the area of injury – Golf Digest has raised some questions about how McIlroy’s game could be impacted. “It just was an unfortunate situation and hopefully he rebounds quickly and gets back right to where he was”.

He said: “I was reading between the lines as to what the description of his injury was”.

“Nobody wants to gain because another player is injured, so it is a frightful way to sneak in but I am very happy”.

“I can’t talk about that for the simple reason I did it myself”, Mickelson said. Anything involving water relaxes me, so maybe spearfishing – that’s probably the most James Bond, daredevil thing I get up to.

“So I wasn’t playing under an injury”.

“In 1994, I snapped my finger before the Masters, skiing”.

“It could be completely different to what Rory is facing, depending on how he recovers”.

Knox, who was born in Inverness in northern Scotland but is based in Florida and plays on the PGA Tour, has never played at the Old Course as a professional. Losing the number one player in the world for a major championship would be tough.

“He just needs to be able to put pressure on his left foot”.

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