Radiant showed early footage of Rising Thunder at EVO 2015 this past weekend in Las Vegas, and Killian gave interviews to a number of outlets suggesting the game is taking design lessons from popular F2P PC MOBAs as it seeks to offer players a more streamlined entry into high-level fighting game play. Some may remember Radiant Entertainment as the developer behind voxel-based sandbox builder Stonehearth.

Speaking to Kotaku, Killian said he wanted to make a fighting game without the accessibility barrier of complex controls – thereby exposing the real skills at the heart of competitive fighters. He was also a community manager at Capcom, and a respected fighting game tournament commentator. However, it has just announced its second game: Rising Thunder, which has a pretty strong pedigree.

It’s the removal of input commands for special moves, replaced with single button presses, which separates Rising Thunder from the likes of Street Fighter, Tekken and Mortal Kombat.

“It doesn’t mean that you’re actually good at fighting games”. What’s more is Rising Thunder will be free-to-play, focusing on cosmetic updates rather than gameplay-altering content. Being a PC exclusive, and with no plans for a console release at the moment, Rising Thunder risks slipping under the radar if it isn’t indeed a competent fighter in its own right.

New players can sign up to receive an invite to the technical alpha (which starts July 28) and reserve their user name by going to the official Rising Thunder website.