“The armed members of the Right Sector will be found. At the moment their location is unknown”, said Zakarpatia regional Governor Vasily Gubal. Civilians in the area have been evacuated, as negotiations so far have failed.

The situation was calmer in Mukacheve on Monday but it was not clear whether Right Sector, in turn hailed or blamed for injecting violence into last year’s Maidan protests, had downed arms as demanded by the police.

The interior ministry – which backed up troops with armoured personnel carriers and military trucks – said one civilian had also died in circumstances that were unclear.

“In April, the government made an attempt to disarm the Right Sector”, Riznychenko told VOA.

“People in camouflage threaten to continue armed resistance,” said Victoria Popovich, cited by UNIAN news agency. When asked when the deadline to surrender would expire, he replied: “Time has already run out”.

Late Saturday, Right Sector issued a statement saying that two of their fighters had been killed and four other wounded during the initial standoff in Mukachevo.

Right Sector for its part has set up a roadblock outside of Kiev, and are demanding the resignation of Interior Minister Arsen Avakov and other officials.

But Right Sector spokesman Andrey Sharaskin told Ukraine’s 112 TV channel that the group’s militias fighting eastern rebels had left their positions in Donetsk and returned to their bases.

The Right Sector members involved in the violence are thought to have retreated into forest near Lavki.

But Saturday’s clash showed that the process of subordinating Right Sector, which has claimed to have 10,000 fighters, is far from complete. The Interior Ministry said the group shot first. It is a conflict between clans, one of which calls themselves patriots…

The incident in Mukachevo, 30 km from the Ukrainian border with Hungary and Slovakia, occurred after a meeting between the RS paramilitaries with representatives of Lanyo, who is also a prominent businessman in the Zakarpattia region.

Likewise, Ivan Yakovina, a reporter with Ukrainian weekly magazine Novoe Vremya, says neither the right-wing Ukrainian battalions and organizations, nor their political agenda, is very popular. “And we convinced them…”

The Russian foreign ministry’s envoy for human rights, Konstantin Dolgov, seized on Saturday’s events to renew the criticism. “They must speed up moves to establish order – there must be no illegal armed groups”, said Volodymyr Fesenko, an analyst at Kiev’s independent Penta political research centre.