“Now that they have their big user base, they want to monetise it – which means that they have to clean it up to make investors happy”.

“Similar to NSFW, another type of content that is hard to define, but you know it when you see it, is the content that violates a common sense of decency”, he continued.

While the debate rages on about Ellen Pao, the future of Reddit does not look as bright as it once used to. He said there has been a lot of discussion lately on the site, in the news, and internally about Reddit’s policy on the more offensive and obscene content on the platform.

The internet Reddit’s executives have dreamed up is a weird compromise.

The company’s interim CEO, Steve Huffman, flatly told users in a post on the site on Tuesday evening that Reddit does not have “an obligation” to support all Reddit communities.

Content like r/coontown, he said, would get a label akin to NSFW, and users attempting to access the subsection would receive a warning and have to choose to opt-in. The latter will also require a log-in, will be suppressed from public listings and searches, and “will generate no revenue for Reddit“.

Therefore, today we’re announcing that we’re considering a set of additional restrictions on what people can say on Reddit-or at least say on our public pages-in the spirit of our mission.

To be clear, not all users think that a more constrained Reddit would necessarily be a bad thing.

She wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post on Thursday about Internet trolls.

Adding fuel to the firestorm engulfing Pao was a lawsuit she filed against a former Silicon Valley employer, who she accused of failing to promote her because of her gender and race.

But Pao, who only took over the site’s top spot in November, said she was also “blessed with the most astonishing human responses” comforting her with positive messages as she dealt with the abuse.

“The Internet started as a bastion for free expression”. The trolls are winning. The reason we’re careful to restrict speech is because people have more open and authentic discussions when they aren’t anxious about the speech police knocking down their door.

Sam Biddle at Gawker also painstakingly laid out the case that the anti-Pao attacks were not honest complaints about competence but the result of “the toxic praetorian guard of the men’s rights-Gamergate axis” who believed “a common-sense policy against sexual harassment and violation was nothing less than the trampling of liberty”.

“We banned outright bigotry and hatred against any group of protected classes [from /r/offmychest]”.

In the past eight months, Pao has introduced policies that have proved unpopular with some Redditors, including the site’s first ever anti-harrassment policy and its closure in June of five subreddits that violated that policy.

“As we grew, I became increasingly uncomfortable projecting my worldview on others”, Huffman wrote in the announcement. “More practically, I didn’t have time to pass judgement on everything, so I decided to judge nothing”, he wrote.