Kate Middleton has been dressing much more conservatively since the Queen criticized her style (credit: Mario Testino/ Art Partner).

The palace insider explains the Queen’s anger as coming from her upbringing, possibly a generational gap, because her philosophy is that fulfilling duties comes before everything else, including personal matters. In true Kate fashion, she recycled her favorite pair-a slick Stuart Weitzman Corkswoon Pump in navy suede with a cork heel, $398-throughout the trip, and looked perfectly put-together each time she wore them.

Well, that’s you told, Kate! A source said Kate missed a scheduled engagement that honoured the service of WWII veterans earlier this week which raised the ire of Queen Elizabeth, prompting that nickname. Apparently, she’s now using leather insoles from Alice Bow in her heels so she doesn’t have to sacrifice comfort for style. With a person as complicated as her, it’s guaranteed that she would be surrounded by such rumors on a regular basis.

Are members of the royal family, particularly Queen Elizabeth, pissed off over Pippa Middleton upstaging them in royal functions despite being a commoner?

Was Kate Middleton trying to update royal christening traditions?

‘There has been talk of the Duchess wearing the insoles, but we can not comment either way, ‘ they said.

But we’ve found out the secret to Kate’s success with stilettos – and we’re about to share it with you.

Her Royal Highness previously visited Portsmouth in February this year, when she met 72 pupils from local Portsmouth and Isle of Wight schools who, in October 2014, collaborated on a community art project for the 1851 Trust – a mural on the hoardings which surrounded the construction site of the BAR headquarters at the time.

After months of watching the Princess rock her favourite Stuart Weitzman wedges on royal boat trips, to meet and greets and down the park with George, they seem to have myseriously disappeared from Kate’s shoe-drobe.