More information about the Justice for Eric Garner rally can be found here.

Soon after, many members of the NYPD turned their backs on the mayor at the funerals of Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu.

If only that were true. Still, the false narrative stuck because Brown’s death came three weeks after Garner’s killing and was the start of what would become a harrowing year of us bearing witness to the death of young men and boys of color. Today, arguably, the city – like the nation – finds itself not better off, but worse.

Officer Daniel Pantaleo placed his arm around Garner’s neck to take him down.

Garner’s family is still calling for the US attorney for the Eastern District of New York to launch a federal case against any officers involved in his death.

The medical examiner’s report, though, remained secret.

A grand jury declined to indict Pantaleo. But what made Garner’s death especially notable and significant is that we watched him die.

The hashtag #BlackLivesMatter viciously slurred cops, suggesting they held African-American lives cheap. Commissioner William Bratton initiated new training on communication with the public and de-escalating confrontations, and promised a return to a community policing model. He endorsed the #BlackLivesMatter epithet.

On Wednesday, the mayor was asked whether the advice he gave his son, Dante, still was needed. For weeks, the protests dragged on, complete with traffic tie-ups, vandalism and violence.

After Garner lost consciousness, emergency personnel were slow to respond.

Yes, Garner’s death sparked change, but not the kind de Blasio meant. The first responders dispatched to the scene where from the hospital.

Unsurprisingly, crime spiked. Houston, St. Louis, New Orleans, Baltimore, Chicago, Milwaukee and Los Angeles all witnessed troubling crime trends.

Chokeholds are outlawed by New York police. We watched him tell the police, “Please just leave me alone”.

City officials apparently succeeded in displeasing both Garner’s family and the New York Police Department with the settlement.

“The victory will come when we get justice”, Eric Garner’s mother, Gwen Carr, said Tuesday.

“Mr. Garner’s family should not be rewarded simply because he repeatedly chose to break the law and resist arrest.”

No question: Eric Garner’s death was tragic.

Vocativ adds that payouts like these are determined by a combination of emotional distress caused by the death, deterrence of future wrongful conduct by the perpetrator and “what the victim would have earned over his lifetime” – the latter of which has the troubling effect of tying a person’s “worth” to how much money they make.