Placing second early in this GOP race is Jeb Bush.

This being San Francisco, one of the most liberal places in the nation, he faced some challenging questions from Thumbtack employees.

Those aren’t typical lines of questioning heard on the Republican presidential circuit.

After Thursday’s Thumbtack visit, Bush headed for another fundraiser at Woodside’s Village Pub.

It’s not highly unusual for Republicans to venture into San Francisco. The video is actually a campaign commercial aimed at the techies of Silicon Valley.

Bush was also asked what qualities of Obama’s he would seek to emulate, and responded with some kind words about the man he is seeking to replace.

Outside of Bush’s meet-and-greet, there was a handful of Trump supporters who shouted, “No more Bushes or Clintons in the White House”, as Bush’s fans walked by them.

“There is going to be big tension between companies that are disrupting the older order”, he said.

“Uber is giving that person a chance to start out and… fulfill his dream”. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people! When Bush pulled up in an Uber vehicle, that sparked controversy. It’s a mode of transportation he uses often.

Bush has commended the ride-sharing service for its disruptive technology in the past. By the end of the process, said another source, Bush could end up spending as much as 50 hours in preparation, an amount that far surpasses what Mitt Romney had done at this point during the last Republican primary.

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best”.

That means not only reducing regulations and bureaucracy, but also addressing an educational system which spends more per student than any other in the world yet leaves only 40 percent of high-school graduates college- or career-ready. But he reiterated his stance that there should be room for same-sex couples to Wednesday and also for those who oppose such marriages to act on their faith. “I think his policies are wrong”.

Bush replied that he was against such discrimination, and that such legislation ought to be handled by the states.

He called the Federal Communications Commission’s latest efforts to regulate Internet broadband providers “a stupid idea”.

Skaf, 27, praised Bush’s record governor, citing education and immigration, but challenged him on background checks. There are laws that require pay equality, he added, and those laws “should be enforced, period over and out”. “I’ve made a lot of money dealing against China”.

In the hole times of his endorsed drive, the 47-year-old Wisconsin director is scheduling a down-home graphic just like the Harley-riding teenager associated with a vicar as the boy looks for be outstanding in a bevy of 15 Republican potential candidates.