Thursday’s ad buy was in addition to that and will focus on introducing Clinton to voters and conveying how her presidency would build on her life’s work. “Those are the groups that he put together that surprised Hillary Clinton in 2008”. It’s a trajectory that’s sure to raise doubts about Walker’s overall viability in the race, as his campaign is relying on a strong showing in Iowa, where advisers believe the state’s sizable Evangelical Christian population will rally behind him. But I know at the end of the day Dave will be with Hillary.

Since the meme claims Bernie Sanders opposes both the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the death penalty while Hillary Clinton supports them, PunditFact rules it MOSTLY TRUE.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump seems to be the frontrunner among the Republican candidates despite ongoing controversy about arguably racist remarks. “We see this race as kind of where we expected it to be, nip and tuck all the way to the primary”.

A further complication could be that Vermont doesn’t have a political party registration system, so there’s no way for Sanders to register or change registration in his home state.

Appearing on CNN after the poll, Sanders took the opportunity to draw distinctions between Clinton’s policy positions and his own. She was actually an administration advocate while she served as Secretary of State. “And I will not deny to you for one minute that we have to substantially increase our outreach to the Latino community and to the African-American community”.

Weaver said this plan is still in the early stages but he said its a top priority for Sanders. Bernie Sanders’ commitment to the Latino community.

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont has been drawing huge crowds to hear him speak across the country since he declared he’s running for president of the United States. “Do we need to go to war in every instance or can we bring pressure of sanctions and global pressure to resolve these conflicts?” If attendees at individual Democratic caucus sites initially side with a candidate who falls below the viability threshold, those backers are required to regroup with a candidate still in the hunt or remain uncommitted.

“There are times when you have to use military force, no question about it. I am prepared to do it, but that is the last resort, not the first“, he said on ABC’s This Week.