DeWine said he’ll investigate whether Planned Parenthood may have violated its nonprofit status and made money from the sale of fetal organs. In response, GOP politicians like Congressman Bob Goodlatte are leading investigations into the matter.

“You can donate your organs as long as it’s done altruistically and we see this with organ donation”, explained Dr. Lisa Campo Englestein, a bio-ethicist and assistant professor at the Alden March Bioethics Institute at Albany Med.

Republican leaders should be ashamed of the openly dishonest attack they’re launching on this organization, especially because it preys on the fears of every day Americans who often don’t have easy access to better information and don’t realize they’re being duped.

Hegan is responding to the release of a video conversation between the senior director of medical services for Planned Parenthood Federation of America and an anti-abortion activist.

“It made me want to vomit”, said Matt McCall, a Republican running for Congress in District 21.

Justice Department officials did not immediately answer a request for comment.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (R) on Wednesday ordered an investigation into Planned Parenthood in his state after calling the video “shocking and gruesome”. A couple of clinic staffers suggested that Rose not tell the truth about her imaginary partner’s age, and at least one was sacked, but as always, Planned Parenthood survived.

Grassley noted that $1.3 billion, or roughly 40 percent, of Planned Parenthood’s revenue in 2014 came from federal funding, which may not be spent on abortions. The property located at 2140 Babcock is zoned ‘C-1, ‘ which is an appropriate zoning designation for the Planned Parenthood facility under the city’s unified development code. This might be their ugliest and most dishonest attack so far.

Planned Parenthood’s leader apologized on Thursday for the “tone and assertion” of causing chief employee who is under cover reported in a video that often opponents say advocates the United states.S. sexual health establishment retails aborted fetal tissue. Our donation programs – like any other high-quality health care providers – follow all laws and ethical guidelines.

“The video does not demonstrate that Planned Parenthood is “selling” fetal tissue”, judiciary committee ranking member John Conyers Jr. of Michigan and Steve Cohen of Tennessee said in a joint statement. I hope Boehner and whatever committee chairman will be in charge of this have some good forensic accountants. It’s not because they actually believe Planned Parenthood is a black market fetal shipping center; it’s because Planned Parenthood never stops standing up for women against those who wish to roll back their rights.

“It makes a huge difference”, she added.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee said it would investigate whether fetal body parts were illegally sold for profit.

In a video posted to his Facebook page, Jindal said, “I just watched this Planned Parenthood video”. “A belated “sorry” is not enough for these deeds of baby parts trafficking and partial-birth abortion, these atrocities against humanity”.

Pence also wrote to the Indiana congressional delegation about the video. “The cavalier attitude toward life, expressed between mouthfuls of salad, was particularly shocking”.

In a statement, Deal says he wants to make sure the “horrific practice” is not occurring here.

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